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Wahoo Bolt GPS Bike Computer

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Created in collaboration with the best minds in cycling aerodynamics, the WAHOO ELEMNT BOLT GPS BIKE COMPUTER offers the power and simplicity that originated with ELEMNT in a race worthy design proven to shave seconds off finish times.The ELEMNT BOLT + Integrated Out Front Mount creates a system with a large smooth surface for the air to slip past, reducing wind resistance and the power (watts) required to maintain speed.The sides were tapered to maximize 
the ELEMNT BOLT’s wind-slicing properties following time tested aerodynamic forms,The ELEMNT BOLT System was designed to maximize readability and minimize air resistance. We designed the computer to sit in the integrated out front mount at an angle to optimize your view of the screen. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Testing is the use of applied mathematics and physics to visualize how the air flows past an object and it's impact on that object.Over 50% less drag ( Air resistance).The ELEMNT BOLT System saves riders approximately 1.5 watts.In a 40km TT, a rider averaging, 21 mph will be approximately.12.6 sec faster.