Techniblock SPF 50+ Wet & Dry 200ML

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This unique sun protection spray can be applied to both wet and dry skin, providing robust and enduring protection. Dermatologically approved and designed specifically for harsh environments, such as sailing, power boating and canoeing, Techniblock SPF50 Wet & Dry 200ml is a non-greasy, non-sticky, very water resistant sun protection aerosol spray with real staying power. Recommended by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), Techniblock is the first choice for boaters.

SPF 50 suitable for kids

Ideally suited for children too, especially when they are in and out of the water. You can top up your little ones without having to dry them off or even while they are sat in the paddling pool. Fuss-free and easy to apply, the best sunscreen is one that children don't mind wearing, doesn't need rubbing in and that sand won't stick to!

Techniblock dries instantly on the skin to provide an invisible UV barrier and contains photo-stabilisers to boost performance.