Look DSC Comp Cleats

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The S-Track range offers:

- a 200 mm² cleat-pedal bearing surface in all circumstances using the 2 mm wedge

- an additional crampon-pedal bearing surface of 460 mm² with a simple adjustment

Procedure: For the most demanding mountain bikers, a simple adjustment is possible by sliding the wedges of different thicknesses (0.5 mm - red - / 1 and 2 mm - black) under the cleat, without the need to remove it completely. This ensures that cleat height is adjusted to obtain perfect contact between the crampons (regardless of the type of shoe) and the pedal.

Advantages: The main advantage of this operation is the significant increase in the bearing surface - 460 mm² - for unequalled power transfer, which makes the S-Track a formidable XC weapon.