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Ion Air Pro 3 Wifi Camera

Was: R1,999.98
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Features of the iON Adventure include: built-in GPS receiver, which allows users to add location, speed and altitude data to their videos ideal for activities like cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing, mountain biking, hiking/trekking, climbing, ATV-riding, deep-sea fishing, hunting and more.loop recording mode allowing for continuous, non-stop recording, eliminating the hassle of manually restarting recording and swapping out memory cards
the ability to save the ideal video you just recorded from the loop as a five-minute block, making sure those special moments are put away safely.a vibration sensor that automatically starts and stops recording when it senses motion. a side-mounted lens body design that enables the camera to be comfortably strapped across a user’s chest an ultra-sensitive image sensor capable of capturing full 1080p HD video even in difficult lighting conditions.Full compatibility with iON PODZ™ accessory system allowing users to transform smartphones or tablets into a powerful remote controls and share their moments via Wi-Fi on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, email and the iON Cloud™ service.