Catlike Cloud 352 Road Helmet (White/Red)


Boasting Dual AEROSystem technology, the Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet from Catlike allows you to adapt to the environment thanks to its interchangeable shells. With more possibilities, the Cloud 352 bike helmet comes with a vented and solid shell which allows you to fine-tune the helmet based on the race conditions. Purpose-built for triathletes and cyclist seeking to maximize their performance, the Cloud 352 aero helmet offers superior aerodynamics without sacrificing excellent ventilation. It features Catlike's proprietary MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution) 4-point adjustable retention system for ultimate comfort and Dual Flow thermal regulation to keep you from overheating on the toughest rides. A winner on any course, under any rider, the Catlike Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet aims for the podium, and delivers the win!